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And Our Safety

Dry Ice Blasting Of America is dedicated to its clients and staff’s health and safety. As a result of this commitment, we guarantee that we’ll achieve or exceed the highest dry ice blasting safety precautions to safeguard our staff and clients. Our goal is to have no workplace accidents, such as suffocations and explosions due to carbon dioxide gas accumulation.

We first commit to safe working conditions by committing senior management to deliver safe workplaces for our employees, clients,employee in safety gear while performing dry ice cleaning and subcontractors. Our dedication to dry ice blasting safety procedures on every project goes above and beyond the company objective; it is a necessity. We prioritize properly handling dry ice throughout our operations to ensure our dry ice blaster safety. Our staff wears protective clothing and leather gloves since dry ice temperature is low and can injure or cause burns to the skin.

While working on our sites, employees must adhere to all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and our company’s safety precautions for dry ice blasting. When we perform dry ice blasting, we utilize specialized machines designed for an efficient and effective cleaning process. These dry ice blasting machines are equipped to handle the solid form of carbon dioxide and ensure precise control during the blasting operation to effectively remove contaminants without leaving behind any secondary waste.

We are accredited in:

  • OSHA 10

  • Hazardous 8

  • CPR/AED/First Aid

  • Forklift/High Reach

  • Spiral Lift

  • Boom that articulates

Annually offers training in:

  • Confined space

  • LOTO

  • Scaffolding

  • Sky Climber

Additionally, Dry Ice Blasting Of America does annual drug testing and random drug tests.

Secure and Legal Disposal of dry ice blasting Leftovers

Dry Ice Blasting Of America makes every effort to ensure that any leftovers from the blasting process are disposed of securely, effectively, and legally. A safe workplace needs to have a strong safety culture among our employees. We mandate one-week safety training sessions for each team member twice a year. To maintain the safety procedures up to date, each semi-annual training week is evaluated and updated, and any changes are discussed during training. Our trained professionals are skilled in handling machines designed to handle dry ice pellets safely. The solid form of carbon dioxide, dry ice, is the main component we work with, and its safe handling and disposal are of utmost importance to avoid any hazards.

Our professionals have learned tips on how to store dry ice in well-insulated containers. They have been equipped with information about the risks of storing dry ice in a typical storage cooler for long periods. In addition, they get prepared on how to work in areas with a lack of proper ventilation to avoid explosion and suffocation. They are advised to monitor carbon dioxide concentrations in normal air plus survey the process well to avoid endangering human lives.

Rigorous Risk Analysis Procedure

Our approach involves a rigorous risk analysis procedure to guarantee that risks are recognized and reduced at every job site. Every employee in the firm understands the value of workplace health and safety. Each member of our staff is accountable for ensuring safe performance. We carefully handle dry ice and insulate the workspace to maintain safe conditions during blasting. Proper ventilation is also ensured to prevent suffocation risks and allow for the sublimation of dry ice transitioning from a solid to a gas. At our organization, we take safety compliance very seriously. 

Regular Dry Ice Cleaning Safety Training Sessions

Very few accidents have happened throughout the years we’ve been in operation, and there haven’t been any significant ones. We have enhanced our safety training and readiness throughout history, allowing us to keep a very good safety record. We understand that dry ice is the solid form of CO2, and we educate our employees on the CO2 properties, including how it sublimates and the proper ventilation of the workspace. They also know that dry ice can break or crack solid countertops or tile floors because of its extremely cold temperature. They will also advise you to purchase dry ice shortly before using it, and it should be in a typical storage cooler.

For example, thermal expansion of one pound of dry ice produces sufficient gaseous carbon dioxide that can be released into a fresh air environment in less than 24 hours. The information helps our team understand why dry ice is stored in un tightly sealed containers. The team also learns about the importance of adhering to the readings on air monitoring devices, especially if they are working in a place that does not have proper air ventilation.

Compressed air is also used as a cleaning tool, and its safe use is taught during our training sessions. Additionally, we ensure that our blasting services are conducted in well-ventilated environments and adhere to strict safety protocols to prevent any hazards associated with poorly ventilated areas.

Call us for a free service estimate on any dry ice blasting services. When you work with us, you’ll immediately notice our dedication to safety since we are always committed to it. One of our contractors will come to your location to discuss the dry ice blasting solutions available to your company. Call us now to learn more about our services since we’re here to help.

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