Food Manufacturing

Equipment Cleaning

Food Manufacturing

Equipment Cleaning

In the food manufacturing sector, dry ice blasting offers the unique advantage of cleaning installed equipment on production lines without disassembly or removal. Neglecting cleaning food manufacturing equipment can result in pest infestations and unpleasant odors. However, by employing dry ice blasting, you can effectively eliminate soil, grease, oil, and baking residues without causing any harm to the environment. Dry ice blasting is a safe cleaning method that can be used near electrical panels without the risk of short-circuiting switches or motors.

In facilities that the AIB has inspected, dry ice cleaning has been employed successfully. Our professional team of cleaning contractors has all the tools to clean and sanitize food contact facilities and ensure they meet food safety standards. Strict procedures must be followed when cleaning and sanitizing food manufacturing and processing equipment to ensure food safety. Our equipment manufacturers ensure that the cleaning and sanitizing equipment and methods meet industry standards for food production.

We have a modern equipment cleaning service for food manufacturers and offer your food production facilities the best industrial cleaning services. In addition to dry ice blasting, appropriate detergents and brushes can be used to clean any equipment surface manually. Our team of experts can help reduce your operational costs and enhance food safety programs. Our experts currently serve food processing companies in Texas, Oklahoma, and the Midwest.

Dry ice blasting advantages in Food Manufacturing include the following:

The primary advantage of dry ice blasting lies in its use of food-grade CO2, which ensures that neither your food nor equipment will be contaminated during the cleaning process. This guarantees high safety and peace of mind for the food industry. You won’t need to buy a new machine or throw away food products. This method offers a near-instantaneous food manufacturing equipment cleaning. You can proceed safely with your food production process once our dry ice blasting procedure is finished. Instead of traditional sanitizers, dry ice blasting acts as a natural sanitizer, eliminating the need for chemical-based sanitizers.

Dry ice blasting techniques are FDA, EPA, and USDA-approved, and they are safe for cleaning all the food contact surfaces of your plant. In addition, dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive technique that will not create dents on your food processing equipment. The method is successful on hot, cold, plastic, and even metal surfaces. We don’t need to disassemble any of your food production machinery to clean it using this technique.

We plant and equipment cleaning for food manufacturers. The operation’s food safety is maintained through thorough equipment cleaning and sanitizing. Our major goal in sanitizing food contact surfaces is to eliminate food that fosters mold and bacteria growth. Proper sanitization and cleaning are key in food processing facilities since they protect customers and reinforce reputation and business success. We have worked with several food production companies nationwide to improve their plants’ cleanliness.

Key Advantages

• Process without chemicals

• Improved workplace safety

• Concerned with the environment

• USDA, EPA, and FDA certification

• No Pollution

• Zero second-hand garbage

• Is non-abrasive and won’t harm the substrate

• Decreased labor costs and cleaning time

• Less encapsulation is required.

• Complete cleaning in confined spaces


• Tar and adhesive removal

• Damage from fire, smoke, and water

• Elimination of lead paint

• Removal of mold

• Elimination of corrosive pollutants

• Counteracting the aging effect

Another application for dry ice blasting in the Food Industry:

• Remains from Baked-On Food

• Conveyors

• Dryers

• Electric Drives

• Walls, Floors, and Ceilings

• Equipment & Rooms for Food Storage

• Freezers

• Remains of Glue Heads

• Mixing apparatus

• Packaging Supplies

• Uncooked Residues

• Ventilation Tools

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