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With Dry Ice Blasting Of America, we work to provide our industrial clients with reasonably priced, environmentally responsible answers to even the most difficult cleaning problems. When it comes to safeguarding our clients and our team, we prioritize safety and health and are dedicated to meeting or exceeding the highest standards.

Our expertise extends to commercial and industrial cleaning services, where we have successfully tackled complex cleaning issues. WeDry Ice Blasting of America Industrial Cleaning in America specialize in commercial, industrial cleaning services tailored to your requirements. Whether you’re searching for industrial plant cleaning services or need industrial duct cleaning services, our experienced team is here to assist you.

Our dedication to its future expansion drives us to keep investing in our business. This program encompasses investments in specialized equipment and tools and the development of our industrial cleaning teams, cleaning companies, and janitorial services. This program has investments other than those made in specialized equipment and tools. There is also instruction on safety, work-related skills, and leadership.

Advantages of Dry Ice Blasting

  • Surface cleaning using dry ice blasting is strong, secure, and efficient. With no secondary waste or hazardous materials, it employs dry ice pellets propelled at supersonic speeds to remove dirt from surfaces fully.
  • Slag and sensitively removing traces of semiconductors and circuit boards can be removed from industrial facilities using a powerful deep cleaning solution.
  • By using non-abrasive, disposable cleaning methods, dry ice blasting can help you cut down on unplanned downtime and unnecessary personnel expenditures.
  • Equipment in an industrial facility does not need to be disassembled or discarded when using dry ice as a cleaning solution, reducing more expensive downtime. Additionally, moving your equipment before cleaning speeds up the cleaning process and minimizes potential damage.

Sectors Served

Dry ice blasting is applicable to a wide range of industrial spaces. Whether you require industrial parts cleaning services near you or industrial warehouse cleaning services, dry ice blasting can effectively meet your needs. Its unique properties make it an ideal choice for various applications. Due to its special characteristics, dry ice is a specialty cleaning option in many industrial and commercial environments.

• Power Production

• Food processing – The Food Standards Agency recorded the procedure to successfully disinfect surfaces of Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella enteritidis, and E. coli.

• Mold, smoke, fire, and water damage remediation

• Preservation of the past

• Printing

• Foundries

• Aerospace

• Oil and gas sector

• Floor care

Dry ice eliminates the requirement for physical scrubbing, chemical agents, and solvents by substituting traditional cleaning techniques. Employees won’t be exposed to risky consequences by cutting back on or eliminating the usage of hazardous cleaning products.

If your company isn’t in our database, that’s all right. Simply call or email us, and we’ll let you know if your facility can use our dry ice-blasting service. We provide a variety of non-abrasive blasting procedures in addition to our abrasive blasting method to accommodate most needs!

Dry Ice Blasting is Safe, Clean, and Eco-Friendly!

Many different sectors are drawn to this proper cleaning technique because of the advantages of our dry ice blasting systems and services, including:

• Cleaning agent recognized by the EPA, USDA, and FDA

• Non-toxic and risk-free

• Prevents the formation of germs and mold

• Used well in facilities inspected and approved by GFSI and AIB.

• Safe for use with machinery used in food processing

• There are no toxic gas emissions into the atmosphere.

• No secondary waste is produced.

• Providing defense against the use of potentially harmful cleaning agents and disinfectant solvents

Contact us now to arrange a free estimate for our industrial cleaning services. Our professional team specializes in any industrial cleaning service, including industrial tank cleaning services. Our contractors will visit your industrial workplaces to discuss your alternatives for commercial cleaning services. Our personnel will promptly address any inquiries you may have regarding our services.

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